Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 21: (MFW week 20) Louisiana Purchase, Plants, Zoo School

This week we learned about the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Here's one of the "extras" Dario did along with a notebooking page.

"In 1803 Thomas Jefferson bought land from the French. He payed fifteen million dollars. It was called the Louisiana Purchase."

In Science we read about plants and how they need water to grow. To prove this we conducted an experiment using popcorn kernels. We placed 5 kernels on a dry paper towel covered with another paper towel then wrapped them in foil. Then we placed 5 more kernels on a wet paper towel covered with another wet paper towel then wrapped them in foil. We observed the kernels for five days and documented our findings each day. Days 1 - 4 didn't show much change, but on day 5 the wet kernels had grown "tails"...therefore proving a seed's need for water in order to grow.

This week was also our second "Zoo School" fieldtrip. This time we learned about African animals. We also practiced counting to 10 in Kiswahili, discussed the problems facing African wildlife, and the habitats found in Africa. The students also acted out a Traditional Zulu Story ("Why The Cheetah's Cheeks Are Stained"). In preparation for our field trip, Dario read several books and watched a movie about African animals. He was really prepared and enjoyed answering and asking questions while in class! Here are a few pictures from our fieldtrip.

Dario once again aced his spelling test this week!! This has proven to be our easiest subject this year!! In English this week, Dario completed his study of plurals and went on to study contractions.

In Math, he's still reviewing addition and subtraction with workbook pages daily. He's also still practicing Number Sense and Place Value with the Splash Math iPad app.

Here are our books/movies for the week.

This was an especially busy was only a four day week (Jewell didn't have school on Monday due to a teacher's In Service day) and we had our fieldtrip...but, we seemed to get it all done! Yeah for us!!

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