Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 2: Christopher Columbus, Air, Jesus Saves, Topic Sentences and Addition & Subtraction practice

This week was a really good week. Even though I went back to work (20 hours a week), we were able to get into a routine that seems to work for both of us. We start each morning with Language Arts (spelling, reading comprehension, daily writing practice, and this week added Shurley English), then usually move on to Bible, then Math, and finish up with History/Social Studies. My mom is a great help to us! She comes over so I can go off to work. She spends time in the afternoon working with Dario on reading/book basket time and usually some additional math games/flash cards, etc. This week they also did the Sailing Ships activity together.

I'm really glad I chose MFW for Dario! This week we were able to incorporate a lot of books about Christopher Columbus into our week, in several different formats and styles, which really reinforced what we were learning.

This method is working so much better than the typical school setting he's been in since preschool. He also enjoyed the science experiments with air this week. They seemed very basic and maybe a bit too simple when I was preparing for them, but I realized as we did them, he was really understanding the concept rather than just memorizing a "fact" about air. In the pictures below you can see him learning that air is all around you, even if you cannot see it, and that moving air can push things around.

We're both enjoying the more relaxed way of learning, which again reassures me that God truly answered my prayers about showing me the right curriculum for Dario! For months my "favorite" verse was James 1:5-6 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God....but let him ask in faith, nothing wavering." I asked, and He provided the necessary wisdom...for now. I'm sure this will continue to be a "favorite" verse of mine as we continue our Adventures in Homeschooling.

Below are some additional photos from our week, showing some of the extra activities that Dario worked on, such as the Christopher Columbus cutout found here , the map activity found here , and the Columbus alphabetical order worksheet found here.

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  1. OH Tara I really enjoy seeing the pics and reading how well your homeschooling is coming along. I am so proud of Dario and you and feel like you have picked the right road for Dario also and you r so blessed with your moms help as well. I rem. what help mom was for me in so many countless ways. Love u, Joyce