Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 6: Colonial America (New York), Bread (yeast), Jesus is the Bread of Life

Another week is done! Hard to believe we've completed a month and a half already! This week we learned about the Dutch Settlers (New York) and did science experiments involving yeast. This week was "light" on projects, which I think Dario missed! Here are the books we read this week.

We've also been reading "The Courage of Sarah Noble" at bedtime as a family. Our memory verse...

We made butter this week! That was fun - and a good workout for the arms! Just pour whipping cream into a jar, add a marble, and shake! and shake! and shake! for about 20 minutes...and then, VOILA! Butter!

Here he is enjoying the "fruits" of his labor...

The one project of the week, was making windmills. Dario and my mom made windmills and a replica of a Dutch stephouse one afternoon.

Friday, we did our science experiments with yeast. We learned that yeast needs sugar to produce carbon dioxide - which will then enable bread dough to rise...replacing salt with sugar will not work! I forgot to take a picture of our results...oops!

Of course, we're steadily working on spelling, writing, reading comprehension, and math...but, let's face it...those subjects aren't nearly as fun as MFW! He is liking and getting much better at writing, and wanting to write paragraphs, which is great! Math is sometimes a struggle, but we'll get through it! I think he really enjoys all of the reading. It's a great way for him to learn history. He enjoys being read to and also reading about our weekly history topic. We ended our Friday with the two of us taking turns reading a book about Colonial homes. After finishing the book, he got out the Lincoln Logs to make a log cabin

...he told me while we were reading, that he wished he had a teepee like the Indians...maybe, we'll see what we can do about that! Christmas present maybe?!

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