Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 7: Pioneers in Michigan, Bread

Week 7 - this was a short week for us. My daughter didn't have school on Friday, so Dario and I worked extra hard during the week so we could have Friday off too! We continued our study of Colonial America, with a look at the Pioneers from France that came to Michigan and explored using canoes made of birch bark. Here are the books we used this week.

On Monday, Dario did a "Colonial Kids Webquest" - a good way for him to do some research online, and work on his writing skills.

He also made a canoe, to go along with the story about our French Pioneers.

In Science and Bible we continued our study of Bread (yeast). We continued learning how Jesus is the Bread of Life. To go along with this we made Pumpkin Spice Playdough

(no yeast, flat), and then later in the week made bread (yeast, raised).

As a family, we finished reading "The Courage of Sarah Noble" and are now reading "Problems In Plymouth" an Imagination Station Series Book. We also watched "The Sign of the Beaver" together Thursday night.
Writing went really well this week. We continued to focus on organizing our writing by using "order" words. The end of the week he wrote a story about his "Crazy Weather Day". In math we moved on to review adding/regrouping...a pretty easy week...thank goodness...last week was not an easy math week! Next week...Ben Franklin, Composition of the Earth, and learning that Jesus is our Rock.

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