Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 12: Communities, Subtraction, Using Adjectives to make our sentences "sparkle"...

Well, as you can probably tell from the title...we veered from our curriculum this week. I decided we would take a break from our "Adventures" and do a week on Communities. We'll be taking the next two weeks off to enjoy a much needed vacation and Thanksgiving! Once we get back to school, we'll start our study of the 50 states in the order that they became a state. We're all VERY excited about our upcoming trip...and I'm looking forward to nearly two weeks off from work!

I still wanted to share what we accomplished this week. First off, math has been wonderful the past two weeks! Dario has done so well with subtraction! When we return to school we'll be learning to tell time...something he's covered in the past...but, never mastered.

This week we also worked on using adjectives to add "sparkle" to our writing. He wrote a very interesting paragraph about an insect he "discovered" and named The Evil Eye. He is slowly becoming more creative with his writing. We also began learning the rules for capitalization.

And finally, we studied Communities. We read about different homes around the world. He also read a few books about community helpers. See our book basket below.

He built a treehouse (out of foam)...

He made a map of the development we live in.

He also completed quite a few mini-books about communities (from Scholastic)

And lastly, he really enjoyed wearing the construction worker vest (seen below) and fireman vest that I bought. I found these for a $1.00 or $2.00 at one of our local craft stores. He wore one all Thursday afternoon...even to his sister's school to pick her up. Then wore the other one this afternoon while we ran all of our weekly errands...definetly $3.00 well spent!

Also, as a side note...he (and his sister) are REALLY enjoying the "Liberty Kids" DVD collection. I was finally able to borrow the set from the library, but, I would love to own them! Both kids just love watching them...

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