Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weeks 14-16: More states, birds, measuring, Nutcracker...and so much more!

Well, I am really behind on this blogging thing! Maybe, with the new year, and not working anymore, I'll get caught up and stay caught up! This blog won't go into any great detail, but, I do like to keep a record of some of the things we've been up to in our schooling.
We continued our study of the states. We've now completed the first 14 states...do you know which ones were the first 14? Here's a picture of a few of the resources we're using to have fun with our studies.

We also continued our study of birds during weeks 14 and 15. Dario made an edible Robin's nest and a pine cone bird feeder.

For history, we also began reading "Farmer Boy" in the evenings as a family. We also learned a little bit about Daniel Boone (with more to come next week), and we're looking forward to learning more about the Westward Expansion. We were able to go on a field trip over Christmas break to one of our local parks for a morning of pioneer fun. We learned that the pioneer kids played with pick-up sticks, tops, wooden trains, dolls, and put on their own plays during their limited free time. We're looking forward to our next field trip when we'll learn how the pioneers made their clothing.

We also finished up our study of the "Nutcracker" and were able to see the ballet at our local community college. We really enjoyed it! Sorry, no pictures though...

Here are some of the books we used over the last three weeks:

In math, we worked on measurements (inches, feet, yards, and cups, pints, quarts, gallons).

We also added in some Christmas crafts...handprint wreath, paper Christmas tree, and peppermint playdough.

Well, I think that about covers it! Tomorrow we start a new year...2012!! Looking forward to not feeling so rushed and having to run off to work in the afternoons, but I also know I'm gonna miss getting out and having a conversation that has nothing to do with school! Happy New Year!

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  1. Oh Tara I am so proud of you and Dario. I could of never even thought of doing something like this with one of my girls. You are so talented and Dario is so blessed and I hope 2012 is a great one again for u and Dario and your whole family. God Bless. love Joyce