Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 18: (MFW wk 17) The Wilderness Road, Kentucky, Weather, and Field Trips!

Well, we made it through our first full week of school since Christmas and my quitting work! We had a pretty busy week with all of our regular work and two field trips. We continued reading about the Pioneers and how they made their clothing and were able to go on a field trip to one of our local parks where we saw a spinning wheel and loom. We also read another book about Daniel Boone and added Kentucky to our study of the States. This week we also watched two of the "Pioneer Life for Children" DVD's (Daily Pioneer Life & The Pioneer Journey Westward). These were really great to watch especially as we continue reading "Farmer Boy" each night.

Here are the books we used from our Book Basket this week.

We also studied weather this week. We read in our "First Encyclopedia of Science" book and our "Science with Air" book, and also added in a Lapbook about weather related words. We used the book "Weather Words and What They Mean" by Gail Gibbons to complete the lapbook.

For Language Arts we continued reviewing Capitalization and Punctuation. We also learned to combine short, choppy sentences to make our writing flow more smoothly.

Our Math curriculum has us moving on to multiplication, but, I really don't think Dario is ready for that just yet. So, we'll continue to work on Addition, Subtraction, Telling Time, and Money until I feel he's ready to move on. We'll use both traditional worksheets and our Splash Math on the iPad.

The favorite part of our week was our trip to the Akron Zoo for their Zoo School Wednesdays. This month's class was all about Australia. We were able to get up close to a Cane Toad, Black Crow, and a Sugar Glider. We also saw a Kookaburra and MANY bats!

As part of the program, the students also acted out an Australian's Dario being a gum tree! He wanted this part because there was NO acting necessary!

Well, that pretty much covers everything from week 18. Next week is a short week for us - only four days, so, I'm sure they'll be full ones as usual!

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