Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 17: No MFW...Health, Moving West, and our Big Bag of Science

This week was a short week for us - only 3 days. So, I decided we wouldn't use our MFW curriculum this week, and instead do something a little different. We still worked on our Math, Writing, and Language Arts, but added in Health,a few science experiments, and began working on our History Pockets.
In Math, we're adding in a daily review using our new iPad and the Splash Math app.

In Language Arts we continued to learn the proper use of Quotation Marks and reviewed posessive nouns.

In Health this week, we reviewed our skeleton/bones and went on to learn about our muscles, the importance of exercise and sleep, and how to play safely and be polite. Dario really enjoyed making our life size skeleton and labeling it!

We also started using our Big Bag of Science that Dario got as a gift for Christmas. We completed a few experiments dealing with colors.

And lastly, we started working on our History Pockets (Moving West). We'll work on these, as time permits, the rest of the year.

Next week, we'll continue our study of the Pioneers and take a field trip to learn how they made their clothing. We'll also be taking a field trip to one of our Zoos...should be a nice change of pace!

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